EQ-i 2.0 Certification with EITC reviewed by Steve Hoscheit

“I thought too – it was just an exceptional group to work with. I found the way this was presented and the interactive nature of this really beneficial and the breakout groups, and opportunity to practice with each other, I thought there was a great spirit of enthusiasm and engagement and mutual support in that environment. So I really, really relish that piece of the exercise. And, you know, less lecture style was really effective and meaningful for me. And I’m looking forward to it. You know, it’s really built my confidence in, a, taking the exam and then secondly, really keen and anxious to get out and start utilizing the tool as well, both by way of the individual but also the group which will be focussed in on next week, which I’m attending as well. And what a great asset this tool is for us to be successful in service to our clients.”

Steve Hoscheit, CFRE, CEC, President at Hoscheit Consulting Services Inc. (HCSI)

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